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In most cases it comes to palliative care when it is impossible to heal patient. Consequently, lifetime of this person will be lower than statistically average. But as for the rest life remains life. 
Presence of incurable disease doesn’t oblige patient to suffer pains. On the contrary, it obliges those who surround the person to do everything to get under control bothering and painful symptoms of the disease. Maximum qualitative – till the very last day – life of patient is the task of palliative care. 
Certain patients can be given such care in a quality manner only under conditions of in-patient facility – there are special hospice departments or palliative care departments (to be honest, they are the very few for the whole Ukraine). 
For the most of palliative patients the required care can be arranged under home conditions. Ideally, each patient should be supervised by visiting service of palliative care. But even if it is absent, a great deal of things can be done for person. 
Moreover, palliative can be both short-term (days, weeks or months) – predominantly at IV stage of oncological diseases which didn’t respond to treatment and long-term – predominantly by neurological or genetic disease, when treatment is impossible but by appropriate care patient can receive some and even more years of life. 
Palliative care can also be needed by patients whose condition is not expressly inconvertible and long after anyway can turn to recovery, herewith at the moment they require care relieving symptoms and improving life quality now. 

Problems that may be solved with information and material assistance: 

  • - explanation of narcotic pain medication action and algorithm of their receipt to patient and his/her relatives.
  • - financial assistance for acquisition of medicaments.


  • - explanation of control methods of oxygen deficiency;
  • - explanation of extenuation of asphyxy feeling; 
  • - financial assistance for equipment (pulse oximeters, inhalers, stationery and portative oxygen concentrators, home ALV, including portative). 


  • - training of patient’s relatives on rules of bedsore prevention and methods of treatment of the already existing bedsores; 
  • - financial assistance for purchase of mattresses and pillows for preventing bed sores, wound healing plasters. 


  • - explanation of rules of safe accommodation creation to patient’s relatives, when patient is physically compromised and exposed to injury risk while moving;
  • - training of patient’s relatives on optimum ways of patient’s change of body position if he/she is not able to do it himself/herself;
  • - financial assistance for purchase of surgical bed, toilet stool, seat and other special tools for bathroom, facilities for bathing in bed etc)


  • - assistance in provision of patient’s participation in social active life – upon his/her will, 
  • - financial assistance for purchase of wheelchair, portative oxygen concentrator, portative ALV etc).

* All equipment bought within the programme remains on programme’s balance and is transferred to patients for temporary use with obligation of its return for transferring to other patients. 

You can support “Palliative” programme via bank details of the fund 

 in PJSC “PUMB” in Kyiv city:
(account functions in UAH, USD and EUR):
 USREOU code 38662944
BIC 334851
s/a 26006621
Recipient: CF “Open hands” 
 Payment destination: voluntary donation for programme “Palliative” 

PayPal sergey.liskovoy@gmail.com (Payment destination: voluntary donation for programme “Palliative” )

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